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With appearances in DownBeat Magazine, Blues Review, Living Blues Magazine, The FemaleMusician, and Candence, among other acclaim, Jennifer Lane is the real deal. A true musician, with heavy piano playin’ chops, and a voice that is very versatile and flexible, all of which compliments her intuitive writing, arranging and production abilities. She’s on the brink of bringing her music to the national ear. Smart and sassy, sweet and soulful, this is no cookie cutter, manufactured, girl singer clone.

On the wings of her new release, “In a Magazine”, Jennifer is back at it again.

She has teamed with popular producer Kenny Passarelli , who wrote “Rocky Mountain Way” with Joe Walsh, played bass and co-produced on Dan Fogelberg’s “Part of the Plan”, toured with Elton John, Hall and Oats, and who’s production talents has taken Otis Taylor and Eddie Turner to the Handy Awards… winning one for Otis for “White African” .

Carving a niche somewhere between Sheryl Crow meets Bonnie Raitt meets Little Feat meets Sting, Jennifer’s new release “In a Magazine” is a moving , socially aware and radio ready piece of work. She tackles topics like the fashions industry’s obsession with skinniness, one’s own self acceptance, domestic abuse and migrant workers. There is even a tender little lullaby.

The title track, “In a Magazine” asks of the fashion magazine industry, from their own headlines “Am I too fat? Am I too Tall? Am I lousy as a Lover? Would I make a decent Mother?’ then repeats the defiant mantra, ‘I Ain’t Livin’ in a Magazine…’

The second track “I’m So Ready” exalts a woman who has lived. She sings… “Every line that’s one my face has earned its place…they each have names and dates…”

The grooves are heavy, her sound thick.

Her studio musicians are the best of the best. Bill Payne from Little Feat, who Jennifer shared the stage with a couple summers ago, contributes to three trax. Paris Delane, a friend of hers from SoniaDaDa, sings bass backup on several pieces.

Jennifer is captivating onstage. Six foot tall, blonde and brassy sassy. She’s outrageous and funny, with a quick and sometimes wicked wit. She has found a special understanding among the sistahood, and Jennifer speaks their language, connecting herself with all women regardless of race, religion, or political views.

At the young age of nine she began a journey that would bring her closer to herself. Jennifer would drive her Momma crazy improvising on Mozart, refusing to play written music note for note, making her family sit in the living room and instructing them when to applaud, while she put on ‘concerts’. By age 13, a fierce passion had been ignited and she really began to feel the call.

Jennifer left home at the tender age of 17, and headed off to Kansas City. She never looked back, and had no plan whatsoever.

Soon, she found herself in way over her head: Big city, bright lights.
Luckily, her guardian angel led her to the east side of K.C. (what was considered the wrong side of the tracks) There, the ethnic musical culture embraced her with open arms. No one who had the calling was an outsider there, and she found strength, love and acceptance within this community. Jennifer absorbed the lessons the music and art scene had to offer her, easily and gratefully. Its influence is quite apparent in her work today.

Jennifer eventually joined a dueling piano sing-a-long act that rocked audiences from Miami to L.A. She describes the show as a vaudevillian, burlesque frat party. This electrifying show brought her to Denver, where she began writing her own music and took up residence in the Rocky Mountains. She now performs weekly, with her duo, at Elway’s in Cherry Creek.

Jennifer wished aloud, (in a Spotlight article for the Rocky Mountain News, October 1998) for funding to do her own CD. Then in 2001, an investor decided to do just that, putting money where Jenn’s mouth was. The floodgates opened, and Jennifer started writing songs for her first record with an intensity she had not been aware of.
Expressing her soul in the music and lyrics, her words remain true, communicating her depth of feeling.

This first release, “Sweet, Long, Cool Drink’a Water”, on Lunacy Records, mixed in a few favorite covers, and developed as a well rounded showcase for Jennifer’s sophisticated soulful style. A bit of straight ahead Rock and Roll, with a whole lotta R&B, funky sugar, and even some gospel, the songs on her debut cover an immense range and makes a deep personal impression. You can hear her Missouri roots, that Mississippi mud, mixing with her evolving soul sound.

Jennifer is preparing her touring band, and expects to hit the road and the radio this fall. She will be featuring music from both her old and new release. She is looking forward to what the new year will bring, and her future looks very bright indeed.

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