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Jennifer Lane
In a Magazine
Released: 2007
FastLane Entertainment

Jenn Lane's latest release. In A Magazine is a bold statement from a woman who has had it with the media's constant bombardment of images of unobtainable beauty; the fashion industry's obsession with youth and being unbelievably thin. Jennifer touches on sensitive issues , such as spousal abuse, getting older in a world that exalts youth, and even the plight of migrant workers, from a migrant woman's point of view. This album was elegantly recorded with the best musicians and engineers. Jennifer took her time to produce this piece of work. Her care and attention to detail make listening to her work a moving and thought provoking experience.

Track Listing
01. In a Magazine
02. I'm So Ready
03. In This House
04. River of Truth
05. Bone Happy
06. Ruby Rae
07. She's Strange
08. Dear Jennie
09. Brand New
10. How Strong
11. Sweet Relief
12. River of Truth (reprise)

Album Review
"Jennifer Lane's newest CD, In A Magazine, just plain rocks! Plush full sound! Rich harmonies and horn lines. Cool funky grooves. Maybe you've seen her in one of her frequent appearances with her bass player at Elway's. That act (Jennifer Lane's Rock 'N Soul Duo) as fun as it is, pales in comparison to what she can do in the studio with a full band and her own original music. Notably, Paris Delane from Sonia Dada sings on a couple tracks and the rest of the musicians are just as good. A few of the highlights: "I'm So Ready" starts out gospel and then goes funk. "In This House" has a cool dance/funk groove. "River of Truth" has a more serious tone, illustrating Lane's ability to change things up. "Bone Happy" is a slightly naughty love song. We'll let you decide what it's really about. There's a tasty long piano solo on "River of Truth." There's cool horn work on "She's Strange." Clearly, Lane spent a lot of time producing this album. It's perfect! Buy this album if you like music that means something."
- Rock on Colorado
July 30th 2007
Jennifer Lane
Sweet Long Cool Drink'a Water
Released: 2002
Lunacy Records

Jennifer's first release is a fabulous collection of covers and originals. Sweet Long Cool Drinka' Water comes straight from her gut. Paying homage to those who inspired her, Tower of Power, Carol King and Etta James, she ad's her own special interpretation to familiar standards as well as a few rockin originals.

Track Listing
01. Big Fat Lie
02. The Weight
03. Way Over Yonder
04. Sweet Long Cool Drink'a Water
05. Tell Me The News
06. No One Knows
07. Baby I Love You
08. For Matthew (It's My Sentence)
09. Sometimes (What's Done is Done)
10. The Jealous Kind
11. I'll Give (You'll Give)
12. Angel From Montgomery
13. Don't Change Horses (In the Middle of the Stream)
14. That's All I Want For You
15. Ben is the Man (Diggin our Septic Tank)